Authentic - Exclusive - Gourmet Food - Up Close Sightseeing - Historic - High Guide to Guest ratio - Hands On Interaction - Story Telling local Hosts - Gifts - Superb Hospitality - Easy Fun Activity - Group & FIT - Vancouver - duration 3 hrs - Step on and Pick up service available - Offered in Vancouver Victoria and Toronto



Symbols, demonstrations, century-old Chinatown buildings with unique shops, associations, former opium houses and factories, gambling dens, secret societies, hidden passage ways, courtyards and alley ways, art, brothels, medicine and herbalist shops, gardens, schools and temples, traditions and festivals


Sample Menu:

Dinner- lettuce wrap, special prawns, lemon chicken, vegitable chow mien, sweet & sour pork, beef & broccoli, more Lunch- Dim Sum (meat and veggitable dumplings) coupled with more regular lunch combo items